Middleton Glen

Independent Living Retirement Community


We’re a community of great neighbors!

Middleton Glen Retirement Community in the Madison Area

An aerial view of our community. We're the large brown-roof building in the middle. Just look at all those trees! (Click to enlarge!)

 An aerial view of our community.  We’re perfectly located between convenience and nature! (Click the aerial photo to enlarge it.)

Middleton Glen is located just eight minutes from downtown Madison in a premier neighborhood called Middleton Hills.  Our neighborhood was designed to be limited in size so that residents are within a 5-minute walking distance of its center.  In fact, several of our residents rarely, if ever, drive to run errands because many of their destinations can be walked to!

The buildings in Middleton Hills consist of residential houses, a UW Credit Union, shopping such as a Pick n’ Save grocery store and The Healthy Place, and popular restaurants & gathering spots such as The Prairie Café, Craftsman Table & Tap, and Pizza Brutta.

To the east of Middleton Glen is Pheasant Branch Conservancy which is known as a regionally significant natural area home to deer, herons, frogs, sandhill cranes, ducks, geese and dozens of different song birds.

Whether it’s a drive through the residential homes to enjoy the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired architecture or a walk through the nature conservancy, Middleton Glen is located in what many would consider to be the “perfect” neighborhood.

We invite you to schedule a time to visit us, and discover our community of great neighbors!

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