Legacy Fund


In 2017, a departing resident of Middleton Glen used a refund as seed money for an enduring charitable fund in Middleton Glen’s name.

After the resident’s death in 2018, the Middleton Glen Legacy Fund was created by the Board of Directors. Dedicated to local outreach and benevolent work in the Middleton area community, the goals of the Legacy Fund are:

Community Impact. Supporting local organizations aligned with Middleton Glen’s purpose of improving the quality of life for families in the Middleton area.

Staff Support. Extending a financial helping hand from time to time to dedicated members of the Middleton Glen staff who, through no fault of their own, need assistance with education, medical costs, or basic needs.

MG Community Life. Adding amenities to Middleton Glen that encourage good health, activity, social interaction, and well-being among Middleton Glen residents. 

Benevolent Housing. Assisting Middleton Glen residents who, despite their best efforts, have run out of sufficient funds to pay the regular costs of living at Middleton Glen.

The Legacy Fund Committee consists of five voting members who are appointed by Middleton Glen’s Board of Directors. The Committee is charged with helping manage the Fund, encouraging new donations, and making recommendations for specific distributions from the Fund for final approval by the Board.

The first donation was $5,000 to the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District Free Lunch program. In 2020, $4,000 was awarded to Middleton Outreach Ministry (now WayForward Resources) to support their work during the pandemic.  In 2021 and 2022, distributions supported the MG community; additionally, a $500.00 donation to the Middleton Public Library and a $300.00 donation to the Friends of Pheasant Branch for its “Seed the Need” initiative.  Each year, the Fund Committee accepts requests and suggestions from residents and staff that meet the fund’s support goals.

The amount of annual distribution(s) from the Fund depends on donations received and investment return. The more that is given, the more the Legacy Fund can do!

Middleton Glen, Inc. is a charitable 501(c)3 organization. Anyone can give to the Middleton Glen Legacy Fund and in a variety of ways. A donation by cash or check is accepted. A Middleton Glen resident can direct that some or all of their entrance fee refund be contributed to the Legacy Fund. Donations to honor or remember a family member, friend, neighbor, caregiver, or staff person will be recognized and the memory preserved.