Resident Testimonial

Here are the words of Jean, a Middleton Glen resident since 2015:

“Four Years ago today we moved into Middleton Glen. We had no idea what our future was. We now know that this was the best decision we could have made.

As I plan my shopping list this morning, I am grateful that I can just walk up the street and be at a grocery store! That convenience has been a wonderful surprise to us. We knew it was there, but actually having it when you only need a few items, last minute, is such a wonderful perk in our lives.

I am also happily doing my laundry in my own private machine, a thrill to have it so handy!

I know when I walk out my front door, I may meet some of my neighbors who have become good friends. We enjoy the fact that the building is not that large and we have come to know all who live here. It is our home, our community and a place that we always get a surge of happiness from when we pull into the driveway.

We are home!

Thank you, Middleton Glen, for welcoming us to your community and filling our retirement days with a sense of belonging and contentment.”

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